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Light measuring instrument SP

Compact photometer, optimised for accurate light measurement, of LED light too

For measuring illumination of office workstations, production workstations, etc.
Photo sensor: Silicon diode, filtered
Cosine correction for angular incident light
Data-hold function, to freeze the current measurement
Rotating sensor unit (+ 90 and -180°) for optimum alignment to the light source
Sturdy protective cover for the photo sensor
Increased service life: Impact protection through delivery in a soft box with light protection
TRACK function for continuous recording of variable environmental conditions
Peak Hold Mode to capture peaks
Selectable measuring units: fc (foot-candle), lx
Easy to toggle between units at the press of a button
Option of fitting a column on the rear of the housing, ¼” thread

Casing material: Plastic
Overall dimensions mounted (W×D×H): 185 mm x 68 mm x 38 mm
Factory calibration certificate: 961-190

Display digit height: 16 mm

Power supply
Operating time: 200 h

Cosine correction function: yes
Data hold function: yes
Peak function: yes

Measuring system
Measuring range [Max]: 200 lx | 2000 lx | 20000 lx | 200000 lx
Precision (of [Max]): 5 %
Readout [d]: 0,100 lx | 1 lx | 10 lx | 100 lx
Test frequency: 2 Hz
Weighing units: fc lx