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Bench scale GAT 6K-4

Easy-Touch bench scale
Thanks to the intuitive touchscreen concept and multi-lingual operation (DE, GB, IT, ES, PT, NL, FI, PL, RUS, SE, CZ) the balance can be used easily by inexperienced users, straightaway. For the professional user, the balance provides convenient functions which permit a high level of individualisation and which thereby make operation significantly easier and quicker
Through a large memory, e.g. for item master data, weighing data etc. the balance is the ideal solution when working with a large range of goods or where there are high requirements for record keeping and documentation

(1) Thanks to the high level of connectivity it is easy to connect barcode readers for item recognition, USB sticks for data storage or data transfer to PCs and networks using RS 232 or USB and this means that this range can be used for many different functions in Industry 4.0 applications

Convenient recipe weighing
[list2] Standard use: Direct input of the recipe ingredients in grammes or percent
Professional use: Recall of items from the database with all relevant additional data such as target value, tolerances, name, tare container weight. Which means a super-fast sequence when recipe-weighing: Select recipe – Weigh – done!

A graphic signal helps when dosing individual recipe ingredients. An information column on the lefthand edge of the screen allows you to see at a glance which ingredients have already been weighed (proportionately)
Classifying: Similar objects are automatically classified according to their weight into predetermined classes. The classification result will be shown as a graphic in a vertical bar graph and as a large character (class). In this way it can be identified quickly and accurately

AUTO-PRINT function: Automatic printing of the weighing when the weighing value remains unchanged. The print function as well as the content of the print-out can be adjusted individually depending on the operating mode

Remote control of the balance using external switches or computers through KCP (KERN Communication Protocol), compatible with the large SICS command set (Standard Interface Command Set, Level 0/1)

(2) The battery compartment of the device can be opened easily, which means it is possible to change the batteries without having to use any tools or break any verification seal labels etc.

(3) Convenient piece-counting function
[list2]Standard use: Direct input of the reference quantity or the reference weight
[list2]Professional use: Recall of items to be counted from the database with all relevant additional data such as piece weight, name, reference quantity, tare container weight, tolerances. Which means a super-fast sequence when counting: Select item – Load – Count – done!

(4) Fill-to-target function: target quantity or target weight can be programmed, e.g. for checkweighing. A colour bar graph shows whether the quantity removed is below the limit (blue), is within the specified tolerances (green) or is above the limit (red). This means that the same target value can always be counted and picked, efficiently and accurately

(5) Convenient weighing with tolerance range (Checkweighing)
Standard use: Direct input of the tolerances in grammes or percent
[list2]Professional use: Recall of items from the database with all relevant additional data such as piece weight, name, reference quantity, tare container weight, tolerances. Which means a super-fast sequence when portioning, dosing or sorting: Select item – Load – Check – done!

Casing material: Plastic
Dimensions housing (W×D×H): 315 mm x 350 mm x 120 mm
Level indicator: yes
Material weighing plate: stainless steel
Overall dimensions mounted (W×D×H): 315 mm x 350 mm x 120 mm
Revolving screw feet: yes
Weighing surface (WxD): 300 mm x 225 mm

Power supply
Charging time: 12 h
Input voltage: 100 V – 240 V 50 / 60 Hz
n/a: Mains adapter external
Operating time (Backlight on): 10 h
Rechargeable battery: Rchrg. battery optional – intern

Capacity display: yes
Counting function: yes
Function to save totals: yes
Help function on the display: yes
Percentage determination: yes
PRE-TARE function: yes
Standby function: yes
Time display: yes
Weighing with tolerance range: yes

Measuring system
Adjustment options: External calibration
Linearisation (points): 2
Linearity: 600 mg
Readout [d]: 200 mg
Recommended adjusting weight: 6 kg (F2)

Reproducibility: 400 mg
Resolution: 30000
Stabilisation time: 2 s
Tare range: -6000000 mg
Warm up time: 2 h
Weighing range [Max]: 6 kg
Weighing system: Strain gauge
Weighing units: g kg lb oz
n/a: Ethernet interface

Environmental conditions
Maximum humidity: 80 %
Maximum operating temperature: 40 °C
Minimum ambient temperature: 0 °C

Counting resolution: 30000
Mininum piece weight at piece counting (Laboratory: 200 mg
Mininum piece weight at piece counting (Normal): 2 g
Reference weight: yes

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