Magnetomrörare med värme ARE-6

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ARE-6 Advanced Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer

The ARE-6 is the safe and powerful analog hot plate stirrer for applications thatdo not require accurate temperature control of the medium. The ARE-6 incorporates high level features such as the Alnico magnet with top class magnetic coupling and SpeedServo™ torque compensation.

The aluminum alloy top plate offers optimum heat transfer and chemical resistance.The independent luminous safety switch prevents unintentional heating and indicates when heating is On.The heating icon illuminates when the plate temperature is above 50°C acting as a HOT TOP warning system.

User Interface: Analog
Motor: Brushless
Plate Material: Aluyminum alloy
Plate Diameter: 135 mm
Stirring Volume (H2O): Up to 20L
Stirring Speed Range: 30-1700 rpm
Speed Control: Analog
Torque Compensation: SpeedServo™
Temperature Range: Room temp. – 370 °C
Heat Control: Analog
Heat Setting Resolution: Scale
Hot Top Warning System: Illuminated Icon
On/Off Safety-Heating-Switch: Yes
Protection Class: IP42
Dimensions (WxHxD): 160x105x280 mm
Permissible Ambient Temperature: 5-40 °C
Power Input: 630 W
Weight: 2,6 kg