Magnetomrörare m värme AREC.X + VTF keramisk

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The AREC.X is a digital heating magnetic stirrer with a white ceramic hot plate, that ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and scratches and is extremely easy to clean.
A microprocessor ensures constant speed even when the viscosity changes (counter-reaction).
Microprocessor technology ensures fast heating and provides precise speed and temperature setting, as the digital display constantly shows set temperature.
The AREC.X has an ergonomic and innovative design with a clear and bright digital display.
AREC.X can also be used stand-alone, or for precise thermoregulation of the liquid, it can be connected to VTF/VTF EVO Vertex digital thermoregulator or to a temperature control probe.
VTF offers maximum performance for a perfect and precise thermoregulation up to 300 °C (± 0.5 °C) with an integrated timer, whilst with the external probe up to 250 °C (± 1.0 °C).
Electronic speed regulation: Up to 1500 rpm
Stirring volume (H2O): Up to 15 L
Temperature: Up to 550 °C
SpeedServoTM: Constant speed even when the viscosity changes