Värmeskåp G-Therm Daily 205 liter, med fläkt

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Thermostatic Ovens Forced Air

Thermostatic ovens ideal for your applications: precise thermostating, heating, drying, polimerization, expansion, cooking, stabilization, tempering, fixing, bonding, heat treatment, accelerated aging, sterilizing, burn-in, inert atmosphere treatments.

• AG-System Control: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive.
• Version DAILY
• Temperature Range: from +10,0°C above ambient up to +260°C
• Timer 99h 59m integrated
• Safety Device, Class 3.1
• Stainless steel chamber, preheating air, efficient insulation, energy saving
• Dynamic and homogeneous Air Circulation System, Forced
• 5 sizes bench top style

Technical description
Stainless Steel
Inner Chamber with rounded corners WxDxH: 660x490x630 mm
Dimensions exteriorWxDxH: 800x670x930 mm
Volume: 205 l
Shelves non tip: 2 pcs
Max: 13 pcs
Temperature Range from Amb.T +10°C: 260°C
Uniformity + 150°C: 3,5
Accuracy + 150°C: 0,3
Heting Time: 40 min
Safety Class: 3,1
Supply: 230V 1~ 50Hz
Power: 2430 W
Door with Silicone Gasket: 1
Height addjustable Feets
Net Weight: 80 kg


Leverantör: Fratelli Galli G&P