Refraktometer Digital BRIX 0-50% Socker ORM 2SU

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Digital measurement of refraction index for universal application

The KERN ORM refractometers are accurate and universal maintenance free digital handheld refractometers
The typical and practical design is suitable for a quick and convenient everyday use and is characterized by its easy-using and robustness
With their handy design, they are ideal for convenient and rapid everyday use
The large, easy-to-read display with integrated temperature display supports the user to reliably determine the measurement
The integrated automatic temperature compensation (ATC), avoids the manual conversion of the measurement. This allows a quick and efficient usage of the instrument
A quick and user-friendly calibration of the refractometer is possible at any time using commercially available distilled water
The refractometers of the KERN ORM series are protected against dust and splash water according to the international protection class IP65. You can rinse the refractometer under running water after use
Mean value measurements possible
Included with the delivery:
– prism cover
– pipette
– storage box
– 1 × AAA battery
– user instruction
This model is particularly suitable for direct measurement of different types of sugar. These are used to determine the content of the respective type of sugar in water-based liquids. It is possible to switch between the four different scales.
The main scope of applications is:
– Food industry: Beverages, fruits and sweets
– Determination of the degree of ripeness of fruit for quality control in harvesting
– Restaurants and large-scale catering establishment

Refractometer type: Handheld refractometer
Scale – Display type: Digital
Area of application: Sugar
Measuring method: Total reflection
Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
Measurement temperature (°C): 0 °C – 40 °C
Scale lactose (milk sugar)
Measuring range lactose (milk sugar): 0 % – 17 %
Readout lactose (milk sugar): 0,1 %
Scale maltose (malt sugar)
Measuring range maltose (malt sugar): 0 % – 16 %
Scale for dextran
Measuring range dextran: 0 % – 11 %
Readout dextran: 0,1 %
Brix scale
Measuring range Brix: 0 % – 50 %
Readout Brix: 0,1 %
Accuracy Brix: ±0,2 %
IP protection – complete device: IP65
Dimension (W×D×H): 121×58×25 mm