Oxitest Oxidationstestreaktor

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The OXITEST is the perfect response for accelerated oxidation stability tests, both on raw materials and finished products, without the need for any preliminary fat separation.
It can test the oxidation stability on various sample types, being the optimal solution especially designed for R&D, Product Development and Quality Control labs in food, cosmetic and petrochemical industries.

Features and Benefits
Suitable for oxidation stability in foods, oils and fats
Analysis on the whole sample, without preliminary fat separation
Accelerated test, obtained in a relatively short period of time
PC-controlled, programmable for unattended operation
User friendly interface
Oxidation stability without the need of expensive and environmental hazardous reagents
Linear correlation between OXITEST and peroxide tests
Based on ASTM D942 method

Up to 4 OXITEST units can be connected to the same PC, remaining completely independent of each other to increase the productivity and flexibility.

Software OXISoft™ included