Centrifug Rondo Klinisk 6500rpm för 8x15ml rör

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Centrifug Rondo Klinisk

A compact and reliable low-speed centrifuge,
ideal for blood centrifuge applications involving volumes below 15mL. It stands out in its category for
having great features that allow a reliable performance, ease of use and safety.

Ease of use:
• Rotor capacity of up to 8 x 15mL tubes on a fixed angle rotor
• Adaptors included to allow usage with most standard
collection tubes: 5mL, 7mL, 10mL and 1.5mL / 2.0mL
• Large digital display. Timer setting of 0.5 to 30 minutes
• Only one click to change from RPM to RCF

Reliable performance:
• Smart air flow design reduces noise
• Precise RPM setting with increments from 100 RPM
and setting from 500-6.500 RPM
• Built with a long-life DC motor and a microprocessor

• Automatic imbalance detection
• Lid lock safety: lid opens automatically after the
operation is completed

Maximum speed RPM / RCF (g): 6.500 RPM / 3.873g
Speed setting: 500 to 6.500 RPM (increments of 100 RPM)
Timer setting: 0.5 to 30 minutes or infinite mode
Imbalance detection: Yes
Dimensions: 260 x 244 x 205mm
Noise level: < 60 dB
Weight: 4kg
Rotors and adaptors included: 8 x 10/15mL, adaptors for 5mL, 7mL, 1.5mL and 2mL tubes