Autoklav Classic Media 9 liter 121°C

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Autoclave Classic Media

Safety as standard
The Classic Media has a built-in safety mechanism that prevents the unit being opened until the temperature inside has fallen to a safer level. This is important as many hazards occur during the unloading process:

Eliminates the risk of super-heated vessels exploding.
Ensures expensive glassware is protected during the controlled cooling process which means liquids won’t leak out.
Prevents the escape of gas or vapour.
Removes the potential of accidental overbalance whilst sterilizing.

Fully Automatic – ‘Set & forget’
Load your equipment into one of the special baskets, set the programme with the one-touch button and you can relax with no need for constant supervision giving you more productive time in the laboratory.


Special in-built software ensures exact temperatures are reached for the correct duration, every time.

Available in two sizes
Choose from our 9 or 12 litre capacity models to meet your sterilization requirements and volumes.

2 year unlimited parts warranty 10 year warranty on pressure chamber.
Lifetime warranty on heating element Fully CE marked to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EC.

Max width – overall 340 mm
Max height – overall 335 mm
Max net weight 3.8 kg
Chamber diameter 210 mm
Chamber height 228 mm
Chamber capacity 9 litres
Max instrument length 200 mm
Max load weight (unwrapped) 3 kg
Sterilizing temperature 121°C
Min sterilizing time 22 minutes
Operating pressure 1.05 bar
Voltage 230 v
Wattage 1500 w
Frequency 50-60 Hz