Skalpellblad Silver Skin Graft Steril 10 st/fp

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Silvers Skin Graft Blades – Sterile

The “new” custom designed surgical stainless steel Silver’s blade has a 11/2 inch (4 cm) postage stamp size cutting edge to be used with the Silvers miniature Skin Graft Knife handles.

The steel thickness now mirrors that of other skin graft blades such as the 9940 – 158 mm providing more stability for the user and preventing the occurance of skin tear or roll up during harvesting.

They are ideal for harvesting small intricate grafts from areas which would not be accessible with the larger standard handles such as the ear, dorsa of the hands or scalp.

Although used mainly within Plastic, Reconstructive and Oral surgery the Silvers can also be used for the debridement of wounds.

Individual Foil Packs
Material: Stainless steel
Packets: 10 pcs

Swann Morton Code: 9942