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Counting system CCS 30K0.1

* With this highly-accurate counting system KERN CCS you can replace a large spectrum of individual counting scales

Reference scale KERN CFS:
This professional KERN CFS counting scale, which can also be used as a stand-alone scale, meets even the highest demands for accuracy, weighing range and volume of items, by connecting it to a high-capacity weighing bridge
* Programmable using numerical key pad:
– required reference quantity
– known reference weight

* Memory (PLU) for 100 items with additional text
* Fill-to-target function: Programmable target weight. An acoustic and visual signal will be displayed when the target value is reached
* Precise counting: The automatic optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the average value of the piece weight

Quantity scale KERN KFP:
The high-accuracy quantity counting takes place on the weighing platform (= weighing bridge) KERN KFP
* Stainless steel platform, painted steel base
* Aluminium singlepoint load cell (1 x 3000 e), IP65 protection

Option: Rechargeable battery pack internal, operating time up to 70 h, charging time approx. 12 h

* Casing material: Plastic
* Dimensions of weighing plate (WxDxH): 400 mm x 300 mm x 128 mm
* Level indicator: yes
* Material weighing plate: stainless steel
* Overall dimensions mounted (WxDxH): 320 mm x 330 mm x 125 mm
* Revolving screw feet: yes
* Weighing surface (WxD): 300 mm x 230 mm

* Conversion function: yes
* Counting function: yes
* Function to save totals: yes
* GLP record: yes
* Net total function: yes
* PRE-TARE function: yes
* Weighing with tolerance range: yes

Measuring system
* Adjustment options: External calibration
* Linearity: 200 mg
* Readout [d]: 100 mg
* Recommended adjusting weight: 30000 g (M1)
* Reproducibility: 100 mg
* Weighing range [Max]: 30 kg
* Weighing system: Strain gauge
* Weighing units: kg/ lb

Environmental conditions
* Maximum humidity: 80 %
* Maximum operating temperature: 40 °C
* Minimum ambient temperature: 0 °C
* Minimum humidity: 0 %

* Counting resolution: 300000
* Counting system with: 27992
* Mininum piece weight at piece counting: 100 mg

Large backlit LCD displays digit height 20 mm