Mätinstrument Diamant Professionell JD

Mätinstrument Diamant Professionell JD

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Diamond tester Professionell JD

Test device to reliably differentiate between real diamonds and synthetic stones (imitation) – except moissanite
Using this test device, experienced users can even differentiate between sapphire and ruby as well as other types of stone
The measuring result can be determined on the basis of thermal as well as electrical conductivity and be relayed in a variety of ways:
– as an acoustic signal according to the stone
– as a visual signal (LED) according to the stone
Furthermore, the test device is equipped with an ultraviolet light source, which can be used to analyse and assess the fluorescence of diamonds. This is particularly useful during consultations and sales presentations
If, by mistake, you try to take measurements of metal or settings, the instrument reacts with a clear signal beep
Leather case for safe transportation and storage of the test device, as standard
Metal plate for loose stones, as standard