Kylskåp BioComp II RR310 +2/+20°C vit,

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This is a mid-price refrigerator or freezer cabinet for a wide range biostorage purposes where the prime focus on reliability.
The BioCompact II gives you significantly better performance than any other refrigerator / freezers in this price range for storing ordinary biomaterial under stable conditions.
If you need to store different biomaterials at different times, giving this design you lots of ways to deal with individual storage needs, thanks to the versatile interior layout and a comprehensive selection of fixtures and fittings.
Optional accessories and equipment
A wide range of versatile interior fittings and layouts are available for Bioline cabinet.

Optional accessories and equipment
Bioline aluminum box with dividers
Bioline perforated stainless steel shelf
Bioline wire stainless steel shelf
Bioline wire shelf with plastic coating
Door hinge – on right or left
Legs or wheels
Gram Monitor
60 Hz compressor (only R134A)
Relay for low temperature protection

Interior made of easy to clean acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polymer.
Exterior made of lacquered steel or stainless steel.
Gram Multi Purpose Controller with LED display.
Ventilated air circulation system.
Acoustic alarm that provides clear information on either the highest or lowest permissible
temperature is reached. A door alarm is also fitted. All alarm parameters are set separately.
Potential free contact for IT networks, monitoring and / or alarm is placed elsewhere.
The small footprint of this design also makes it the perfect biostorage unit for use in confined spaces.

Temperature range 2/15 ºC
Ambient temperature 10/35 ° C
The controller Gram controller with potential-free contact, E-sensor, acoustic door
and temperature alarms that can be programmed individually, alarm
Recording and calibration function.
Materials Interior Exterior: ABS, coated steel or stainless
Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 595 x 620 x 1780
Gross Volume 387 liters / 13.7 cubic feet
Net volume 377 liters / 13.3 cubic feet
Insulation (mm) 30 mm (cyclopentane)
Refrigerant R600 or R134A
Connection 230 V, 50 Hz
Air system Ventilated

Läkemedelskylskåp/Medical refrigerator