Kamera HD HMT-1 Röststyrd inkl dongel

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Camera and dongle

HMT-1 is a hands-free, voice controlled wearable Android tablet with a HD camera

HMT-1 revolutionizes
1. documentation of different patient operations
2. remote consulting between operator and senior specialist
3. remote education for medical students

Various patient data, e.g. MRI, CT and x-ray files can be stored in the HMT-1 device and accessed by the operator during the operation. These files can be projected to the patient/operating room screen from the device through easy voice commands. Pictures and videos recorded during operations can be saved to the device and wirelessly transferred to selected storages.

Advantages of HMT-1:
HMT-1 is easy to use: HMT-1 device is easy to wear and operate. The device is wireless, completely hands-free and works with easy voice commands.

HMT-1 replaces the need for external camera crews in operating rooms: Less external people needed to be brought to ORs, as an operator can document the operations easily. Better video recording angle – the operator has the camera on their forehead.

HMT-1 enhances the learning experience of medical students: Less external people in the OR during the operation and more students can receive an optimized view of the live operation in the meeting room/auditorium.

HMT-1 increases the quality of remote consultation: A real-time hands-free video call with zooming and marking functions between the operator and mentor increases the quality of remote consultation.

HMT-1 is a powerful device:
• ANDROID 6.0.1 (AOSP) + WearHFTM hands-free API
• BLUETOOTH: BT 4.1 LE (Low Energy)
• Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac – 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 300Mb/s downstream and 50Mb/s upstream
• SCREEN: similar to a 7 inch tablet screen
• CAMERA: 16 MP HD SONY, with 4 microphones
• ZOOM: 5 x
• PHOTOS: 4K picture
• MEMORY: 16 GB internal / MicroSD Slot
• 100% HANDS-FREE – voice-based operating system, local speech recognition in loud areas
• POWERFUL AUDIO – integrated speaker and 2.5 mm audio jack for use with hearing protection
• NOISE CANCELLATION – 4 digital microphones and advanced algorithms
• 8 HOURS INTERNAL BATTERY – easy to change and charge, extra battery belt available for longer operations
• WATERPROOF IP66 – protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water
• DUST TIGHT IP66 – complete protection against the ingress of micro particles
• DROP PROOF – resistant to a 2 metre drop onto concrete from any angle
• TEMPERATURE AREA – -20° C to +50° C