Frysskåp ECO MIDI F 82 LAG 4N vit grå hyllor

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Freezer ECO MIDI F 82 LAG 4N

The BioMidi 625 cabinet is designed to meet your biomaterial refrigeration and freezer requirements, with very few limitations.
The specifications include the Gram MPC control unit which has been specially developed for users of BioLine storage cabinets.

Decades of experience blended with the best of modern technologies provide a uniquely capable control unit, making the BioMidi range the ideal choice where maintaining stable temperatures is decisive in a purchasing decision.
The BioMidi 625 utilises environmentally responsible HFC-free foam propellants and is available with HFC-free refrigerants.
The functional design ensures easy, ergonomically correct access to the storage space.

Equipment Right-hand hinged reversible door; Lock; Self-closing door; Lighting; 4 gray wire shelves
Temperature range: -25 / -5 ° C
Volume, Gross / Net: 625 litres / 571 litres
Outside / Inside: White / Stainless, alu.
W x D x H: 815 x 731 x 2000 mm
Weight, gross: 128 kg
Insulation: 60 mm (cyclopentane)
Refrigerant: R 290 (propane)
Cooling capacity at -25 ° C: 512 Watt
C-cool: Cooling required at -25 ° C: 300 Watts
Electrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz
Power: 425 Watts
Energital iflg. Product List: 25.62 kWh / 48h / m3
Energy consumption per. year: 2105 kWh
Noise level: 48.4 dB (A)