Inkubator, Model 2000 (40°C)


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Forced Air Incubator

Model 2000 (40°C)

The incubator has been custom engineered for use where shelf or bench space is at a premium. At the same time it incorporates many state-of-the-art features to produce and maintain constant temperature environments.
In many applications the physical configuration of an incubator becomes an important factor. While an incubator shaped like a cube with a swing-out door is often the more economical design to manufacture, this design requires the largest amount of shelf or bench space for a given volume as well as a great deal of unusable space in front of the incubator for door clearance.

The Coy incubator is designed to use a minimum of work space, and its sliding acrylic doors require no wasted work space for door clearance.

The digital readout serves two important functions, first to indicate the actual incubator temperature, and second to allow the operator to set the desired temperature set-point. Solid state electronics starting with a semiconductor temperature transducer, and ending with a proportionally phase controlled triac, monitor and regulate temperature and heater output.

FORCED AIR CIRCULATION is drawn by a quiet, yet powerful fan, horizontally across the inside face of the sliding door panels as well as from around the outer shell of the incubator. The air then passes over the temperature monitor and finally over multiple heating units before returning to the incubator interior.

100% SOLID STATE ELECTRONICS monitor and control the proportional heat output. The standard unit can be set from 26-43° C. Higher ranges, up to 65 °C, are available upon request. Maximum temperature differential is better than +/- 1° C.

BRIGHT LED DIGITAL DISPLAY functions both as a readout of mean temperature and set.

100% ABS PLASTIC with liner is both light-weight, durable, and easy to clean. All electronic controls are protected against accidental liquid spills within incubator.

SMOKY BROWN ACRYLIC DOORS protect contents from external light contamination. They slide in smooth tracks rather than swing out from the front. Clear doors are also available.

TWO ADJUSTABLE SHELVES included in standard incubator.

Size: 69 cm (H) x 91 cm (W) x 29 cm (0); (27″ x 36″ x 11.5″)
Weight: 3 Kg. (50 lb.)
Power Requirements: 100-130 volts 5O/60 Hz., 500 watts  (Also available for 200-260 volts)
Total Interior Shelf Area: 5333 sq. cm (5.74 sq. ft.)
Total Interior Volume: 0.08 cu. m (2.5 cu. ft.)
Temperature Range: Ambient – 40° C or Optional High Range to 65° C
Maximum Temperature Differential: +/-1° C


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