Anaerobic Chamber Type A Vinyl heated auto airlock

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The Vinyl Anaerobic Chambers provide a strict anaerobic atmosphere of 0-5 parts per million (ppm) using a palladium catalyst and hydrogen gas mix of 5%. The heavy duty vacuum airlock allows sample transfer without changes to the internal atmosphere. The Programmable airlock allows the user to tailor an interchange sequence ideal for their lab experiments.
The Flexible nature of the unit allows for the user to reach deeper and higher into the unit. And the flexible nature of the unit combined with padded base and larger glove ports allows for greater ergonomics vs. a rigid glove box. The optically clear vinyl greatly increases operator vision, and the user does not encounter any glove “fight back” as the flexible nature allows the entire glove box to give with changes to internal volume.

PVC CONSTRUCTION The glove boxes are constructed of heavy duty, flexible PVC mounted on a rigid base. Thickness ranges from 20 to 40 mils.

RELIABLE AND DURABLE All seams are radio frequency welded to produce a one piece bag that will withstand many years of service.

AIRLOCK A single push button begins the automatic sequencing of oxygen reduction within the airlock. Airlock can be adjusted to optimize the settings for the operation of the lab from experiment to experiment including number of cycles to level of the vacuum.

ECONOMICAL Not only are Coy vinyl glove boxes less expensive than many comparable rigid glove boxes, but gas requirements are lower, the flexible glove box does not require any pressure relief or vent for excess gas keeping operating costs about 1/3 less than a rigid glove box of comparable size.

MODULAR DESIGN Coy glove boxes are designed to be expandable and easily modified through the many options available.

CUSTOM SIZES AND CONFIGURATIONS are available at minimal additional cost, and accessories are available to economically create special configurations.

The glove box front is made of 20 mil pressed polished clear vinyl with 40 mil vinyl bottom extending 2″ (51 mm) up on all sides. It is mounted on a 3/4″ (19 mm) plywood base covered with a 1/4″ (6 mm) foam pad and heavy vinyl. A 1″ (25 mm) aluminum tubular frame supports the glove box. All glove boxes come with a large equipment entry installed opposite the entry lock. This entrance consists of a 20″ (50 cm) entry cap that is taped in place after installing large equipment in the glove box.
Glove ports, 10″ x 13″ oval opening (25 x 33 cm) on 19″ (48 cm) centers, are constructed of a special highly flexible vinyl frosted to prevent cracking and gas leakage at bend points.
Two 1 1/2″ (38 mm) I.D. nipples are attached for electrical wiring input. (Additional nipples may be ordered at the time of purchase.)
Also included as standard with all glove boxes, is a six receptacle electric outlet.
Large gloves are supplied with the glove box (replacements or other sizes are available from Coy Laboratory Products).
The neoprene gloves are placed over a special cuff and then placed in the permanently attached sleeves and taped in place. This system provides a means of replacing damaged gloves without affecting the atmosphere of the glove box. Additional glove ports can be ordered mounted in most positions if requested at the time of purchase.

Supplied with: One pair gloves
One airlock
Two Catalyst Boxes
Glove Box size: 59″L x 32″W x 40″H (150 cm x 81 cm x 102 cm)
Base size: 77″L x 36″W (195 cm x 91 cm)

• Vacuum pump + 4 ft. (183 cm) tubing
• Catalyst Fan Box – 2 Unheated
• Catalyst Stak-Pak (180 gm)
• Work Pad
• Set-Up and Care Kit
• Internal Plug Strip
• 2 Utility Nipples
• Large Equipment Entry Port 68.5 cm diam

Regulators to be ordered localy according to your standard

Coy Anaerobic Chamber Vinyl