Vattenbad WB-4MS med magnetomrörare

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Water thermostat-bath WB-4MS

Water thermostat-bath WB-4MS are designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and biological laboratory research.

WB-4MS provides increased temperature stabilization (up to 0.1°C) due to built-in magnetic stirrer (regulated speed 300 – 1000 rpm).
Easy set up, high temperature maintenance precision, compact size and attractive modern design make this water bath widely used.

Simultaneous display of set and actual temperature, time and RPM
Plastic lid with stainless steel interior
Temperature range: +25° to +100°C
Temperature stability: 0.1°C
Independent timer with sound signal: 1 min – 96 hours
4 l stainless steel bath
Temperature setting: digital
Temperature display: 2 line, LCD
Easy operation
Overall dimensions: 350x175x250 mm
Working volume: 235x135x110 mm
Weight, not more: 3.6 kg
Power supply: 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz; 600 W max.