Ultralågtemperaturfrys -150/-140°C CRYO 170, beige



Cryo Freezer -150°C/-140°C

The CRYO range features a dual cooling system which consists of two independent systems offering double security.

In the unlikely event that one cooling system should fail, the second cooling system will maintain the freezer at -130°C.

The cryogenic freezers offer a wide variety of research and long term storage applications for low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of cells, DNA, bone material, bacteria etc.

With extreme cooling precision and its superior features, the CRYO-range is the perfect choice for testing special material, ideal for hospitals, university laboratories, military industry or sanitation stations.

Controller features
• Visual / Acoustic alarm
• Power failure alarm
• Adjustable high/low temperature alarm
• Probe failure alarm
• Contact for remote alarm
• Prepared for GSM alarm module: optional
• Approx. hrs. of battery back up for alarms and temperature display in the event of power cut: 48
• Porthole for externaltemperature probe
• Manual defrost
• Chart recorder
• Dual cooling system for double security
• LN2 back up

• Sub doors (pcs): 2
• Castors
• Lock
• Inner liner material: Stainless steel
• Cabinet material: Electro-galvanized steel
• Colour (exterior): Ivory
• No. of compressors: 2
• Refrigerant: Mix

Technical description
Dimensions exterior (mm): 1420x960x1090
Dimensions interior WxDxH (mm): 500x500x675
Capacity (liter): 169
Insulation (mm): 170
Temperature range (°C): -150/-140
Max. ambient temperature (°C): 30
Power supply (V): 3×400
Frequency (Hz): 50/60

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