Säkerhetsbänk biologisk HFSafe-900C CII A2 Manual

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Safety Cabinet

* 30% exhaust and 70% recycled ventilation
* Work area surrounded by negative pressure, double wall plenums for protection
* Supply and exhaust 99.99% efficient ULPA filters(0.1-0.2µm)
* Self-adjusting motor technology dramatically improves energy efficiency, decreases cabinet vibration, and extends filter life without sacrificing performance.
* Microprocessor with filter clogging automatic compensation guaranties a precise volume of air as required
* Aerodynamic designed airflow grille maintains safety by preventing blockage
* Laminated safety glass provides protection from explosion, breakage and UV
* Patented window opens to 20cm±5mm working height with predefined locking device
* A window interlock prevents the UV lamp from operating if the sash is open.
* Timed UV light option reduces risk of sample contamination and lower bulb replacement cost
* Electronic security lock that requires code to operate the cabinet
* Ergonomically angled window sloped at 10°for better comfort
* Frameless sash window offers an unobstructed view and easier to clean
* With optional PVC armrest, lab technicians can continuously work comfortably
* Large front-panel display provides constant readout of downflow and inflow velocities, chamber temperature and filter usage status.
* Radiused type 304 stainless steel interior and removable, seamless surface with lift out knobs
* Equipped with 3 independent openings for water, vacuum and gas tap, and 2 water-proof power sockets.
* Adjustable stands available with manual adjustment for convenient working positions
* Quiet operation enables a comfortable working environment
* Available as 3,4,5,6 ft chamber width (900,1200,1500,1800mm)