Såg gips Oscimed PSV II väska blad m utgång vakuum

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Thanks to its small and powerful SWISS MOTOR, OSCIMED PSV II is a very well balanced and miniaturized cast cutter saw. Its light weight allows single-handed use even for nurses. Its ergonomic design includes a grip area with reduced circumference. The motor is mounted on rubber dampers to reduce noise and vibrations. The cooling ventilator permits intensive use without overheating. Accessories such as blades and vacuum nozzle can be changed rapidly, without tools. The device operates on a safety low voltage and meets the latest medical standards.

Available in two version,

With or without dust extraction

The PSV II without the air duct (OSC 400) for use without vacuum cleaner is a VERY smart saw with one of the smallest handling circumference. This model is the new reference on the market. The PSV II is perfect for children plaster rooms or hand surgeons.
The PSV II with air duct (OSC 400V) is made for use with a vacuum cleaner. Our engineers have designed this model to minimize the handling size and greatly improve the freedom of movements.



The instant blade lock nut without any tool and the adjustable guide and cutting depth gauge.
A wide range of saw blades is available for all kind of casts:


• Stainless steel blades for plaster of Paris..
• Hardened stainless steel blades for synthetic casts (fiber glass)
• Hardened stainless steel blades for synthetic casts with very hard titan coating (Tin).
• “non-stick” blades with PTFE coating.

To know more about saw blades 


This saw is delivered with our special anti-noise blade BS-65-LN.

4 levels of filtration, adjustable power and automatic start

Vacuum cleaner with adjustable suction power, mounted on four wheels. Its robust construction and power offer support for the saw. The HEPA-compliant fi lters provide a standard filtration of 99.97 % of particles of 0.3 microns. A power outlet allows the connection of the saw. The vacuum cleaner starts automatically upon activation of the saw and stops a few seconds after the saw stops.

• Power : Adjustable from 300 to 1000 Watts
• Noise level : 60-70 dB
• Suction : 1800 mm water column, 40 litres / sec.
• Length of suction hose : 2.5 meters.
• Capacity of stainless steel tank : 20 litres.
• Weight : 12 kg.