Refraktometer Digital Urin ORD 1PM
Refraktometer Digital Urin ORD 1PMRefraktometer Digital Urin ORD 1PMRefraktometer Digital Urin ORD 1PM

Refraktometer Digital Vin ORD 2WM

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Digital refractometer ORD 2WM

The models in the KERN ORD-W range are accurate, universal and maintenance-free digital manual refractometer
With their practical design, they are ideal for convenient and rapid everyday use
Other key features are the easy handling and sturdiness
The large, easy-to-read display means that the user can always be sure of taking an accurate measuring result
The large range of models with either a single or multiple measuring scales means that you can use the product in many application areas
The optimised device software can give the measurements in various measurement scales
The integrated automatic temperature compensation (ATC) means that you can work easily and quickly, as you do not have to manually convert the measurement
Included in the scope of supply:
– Storage case
– Calibration solution
– 2 x AAA batteries
– Pipette
– Screwdriver
– Leather case
– Cleaning cloth
Further accessories are available as options

Area of application: Wine

The following models are particularly suitable for measuring the sugar content in fruit. This is used to determine what alcohol content is to be expected from the fruit You can also determine the degree of ripeness of fruit (fruit sugar), e.g. grapes etc.

Main areas of application:
Agriculture: Wine and fruit cultivation
Wine production
Must and alcohol production

Dimensions (W×D×H): 133 mm x 65 mm x 38 mm

Brand: Optics

Measuring system
1 °Oe
0.1 °KMW
0 2 %
0 1 %

ATC: yes

1 °Oe
0.1 °KMW
0 1 %
0 1 %

Measuring range:
30 °Oe – 150 °Oe
0 °KMW – 25 °KMW
0 % – 35 %
0 % – 22 %

KMW (Babo)
Mass SW
Vol AP

Leverantör: Kern & Sohn GmbH