Lampa undersökning Mach LED 120F vägg 45.000LUX/1m

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Medical Examination Lamp

With outstanding colour rendering indexes Ra = 95 the surgeon recognizes
clearly the tiniest nuances of colour in tissue.
The colour spectrum of the wound is rendered naturally with rich contrast.
The OT-light clearly provides welcome relief for your eyes.

A multitude of computer-calculated facetted lenses guarantees homogeneity
and lowest shadiness in the light field. Separately arranged optical systems,
each with one LED module, generate their own light field, which increases
the contrast effect of the OR light. Light intensities of 40.000 Lux can be
attained without difficulty.

The following light functions can be adjusted electronically, such as:
• Switching ON and OFF
• Electronic light intensity control

During development high attention was paid to easy handling and high
ease of maintenance. Furthermore the flow-enhancing ring form and the
minimal surface avoid any heat increase in the surgeon’s head area and
create a perfect laminar flow performance. The light can be positioned
exactly to the wound field with the handle.

The light field can be focused by turning the handle (pictured sterilisable
handle available as an option against surcharge). The focussable light beam
allows a punctual illumination of deepest wound channels with light
intensity and a exact matching of the light field diameter with the size of
the wound field.(optional)

The life-span of more than 40.000 operating hours reduces the costs for
exchanging and replacing the illuminants considerably, compared with the
conventional halogen technology used with former OT-lights. By implementation
of the LED technology the power consumption could be reduced
partially with more than 50%.

The LED technology is much more effective than conventional light sources
such as halogen bulbs. The heat radiation is reduced to a minimum without
using any expensive filter technique. The temperature increase in the
surgeon’s head area is almost nonexistent.

Technical data
– Light intensity Lux at 1 meter distance: 45.000
– Colour rendering index Ra: 95
– Colour temperature (Kelvin): 4300
– Dimming range (%): 50-100
– Number of LED’s: 12
– Focusable size of the light field (in cm): 14-25
– Total power consumption (W): 18
– Life-span of the LED’s (h): =40.000
– Working distance (in cm): 70-140

With SWING wall arm