Kylskåp Scilencio DS 601 H 53 lit, hyllor, lås

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Refrigerator Scilencio DS 601 H

Digital thermometer to display the actual inside temperature. It also displays the min and max temperatures from the last reset. LED light and acoustic signal as standard. Signal indicates that the door has been opened too long. Signal starts 20 seconds after door opening.

Internal fan to equalize cabinet temperature and avoid frost formation on the evaporators fin. Trays with transparent front board to keep the inside from warming up by blocking hot air penetration into the cabinet when opening the door.

* Lock/door closing: magnetic sealing
* Cabinet temperature: 2°C – 8°C
* Outside jacket material: polystyrol
* Cooling unit control: thermofuse
* Colour: white

Dimensions WxDxH: 486x494x592 mm
Total volume: 53 litre
Capacity: 52 litre
Weight: 20 Kg
Energy consumption amb temp 25°C: 1.05 kWh/24h
Max input 230V: 85 W
Voltage: 220V, 240V
Interior lighting