Kylskåp BioComp II RR210 +2/+20 vit, exkl inredni

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Optional accessories and equipment
• Interior made of easy to clean acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polymer.
• Exterior made of lacquered steel or stainless steel.
• Gram Multi Purpose Controller with LED display.
• Ventilated air circulation system.
• Acoustic alarm that provides clear information on either the highest or lowest permissible
temperature is reached. A door alarm is also fitted. All alarm parameters are set separately.
• Voltage-free contact for IT networks, monitoring systems and / or remote alarms.
• Alarm recording and Hi / Low temperature read out.
• Optional sensor (E) sensor for temperature reference in the storage area.
• Defrost stop temperature to limit the maximum temperature during the defrost.
• ATEX (EN 60079-15 Zone 2)
• A wide range of versatile interior fittings and layouts are available for Bioline cabinet. These
include aluminum boxes, perforated shelves for storing items that require a flat surface to rest
on, and standard stainless steel and plastic coated wire shelves.
• The choice between well-insulated glass or solid metal doors.
• Built Gram Monitor unit.
• Relay for low temperature protection.
• Can be fitted with wheels or feet.
• Can be mounted on a wall.
• Two under-counter cabinets can be combined into a single unit

Technical specifications
Temperature: 2/15 ° C
Ambient temperature: 10/35 ° C
The controller Gram controller with potential-free contact, E-sensor, acoustic door
and temperature alarms that can be programmed individually, alarm
Recording and calibration function.
Material: Interior Exterior ABS
Painted steel or stainless
Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 595 x 620 x 830
Gross volume: 166 liters / 5.9 cubic feet
Net volume: 161 liters / 5.7 cubic feet
Insulation (mm): 30 mm (cyclopentane)
Refrigerant: R600 or R134A
Connection: 230 V, 50 Hz
Air system Ventilated

Läkemedelskylskåp/Medical refrigerator