Kärlklämma ThermoSealer Bipolär 16 cm böjd oräfflad

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Bipolar vessel sealing clamp

Time oriented performance

General surgery

Time oriented functions
integrated system: diathermy, argon coagulation and a vessel sealing module ensures cost reduction, there is no need to purchase any additional devices
high reliability of the system ensures maximum safety of work
time of operation is significantly reduced
blood loss is significantly reduced, the system allows to economize on sutures and staplers
natural sealing of vessels
multiple-use device, no limits on the number of uses
no foreign body remains in the patient’s body
no risk of adhesion or infection
quick and safe operation
regulating the intensity of the effect enables the surgeon to select the most appropriate type of operation

Safety features
One of the important elements of the vessel sealing procedure is controlling the tissue temperature. The electrical properties of the tissue are monitored by the generator on a constant basis. As a result of heat, water content in the tissue decreases and its conductivity capabilities are reduced. The tissue resistance increases. The vessel sealing system is equipped with electrical circuits and an advanced microprocessor based on complex algorithms. This is why it is able to constantly monitor the administered current. The constant measurement of the tissue impedance causes the generator to administer current for as long as it is necessary to obtain a secure seal of the vessel.


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