Inkubator mikro M91, digital, 6 liter

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Incubator – M91

Micro Digital incubator ideal for biological coltures, diagnostic and food tests, medical research, water analysis, quality control, HCCP, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and biotechnology.

• AG-System Control SMART: PID Digital
• Microprocessor, careful and sensitive, +- 0.1°C resolution
• Reliable, safe, accurate
• Temperature Range: from +5,0°C above ambient up to +60,0°C
• Versatile and compact, with viewing window
• Version 230V

• External structure, powder coated, solvent-free.
• Light gray RAL7035
• Excellent thermal insulation
• Inner chamber made of hard anodized aluminum
• Heaters arranged uniformly
• Transparent door, excellent visibility
• Environment friendly components can be separated and recycled
• Excellent uniformity and thermal stability
• Accuracy +- 0,2°C to 40°C
• Uniformity +- 0,5°C
• Green light main switch
• Bipolar fuses
• Version 230V ac and portable 12V dc
• Conformity to CEI 66-5 and EN 61010-1

• Microprocessor Control PID Digital
• Resolution -/+ 0,1°C
• Display to show set point temperature and actual inner temperature
• Solid State Relay “Zero Crossing” low noice
• Autotunig function parameters
• Calibrable function + Offset function

Standard Equipments
• N°02 perforated shelves
• N°01 Instruction Manual
• N°01 Power cable
• N°01Certificate of Conformity CE
• N°01 Warranty Certificate

Main Features
Volume: 6 L
Inner Dimensions WxDxH: 210x140x200 mm
External Dimensions WxDxH: 255x210x330 mm
AG-System SMART: Control
Temperature Range: T.Amb+5°C a +60°C
Supply +-10%: V 230V 1 ~ 50/60HZ
Power: 120 W
Uniformity: ± 0,5°C
Accuracy: ± 0,2°C
Net weight: 5 kg


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