Inkubator Horisontal 5800 PRO, 306 liter
Inkubator Horisontal 5800 PRO, 306 literInkubator Horisontal 5800 PRO, 306 liter

Inkubator Horisontal 5800 PRO, 306 liter

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5800 – Horizontal flow Incubator

Low horizontal flow incubators ideal for medical research, food analysis, water analysis, quality control, HCCP, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.

• AG-System Control “CUSTOM”: PID Digital Microprocessor, careful and sensitive
• Temperature Range: from +5,0°C above ambient up to +99,9/+120,0°C
• Transparent inner door to observe inside
• Safety Device selectable and independent, Class 3.1
• Horizontal Forced Air system: uniform temperature along all points of chamber
• 6 sizes, floor style

Technical description
Stainless Steel
Inner Chamber WxDxH: 600x600x850 mm
Dimensions exteriorWxDxH: 1050x830x1600 mm
Volume: 306 l
Shelves non tip: 2 pcs
Max: 15 pcs
Temperature Range from Amb.T +5°C: 99,9/120
Uniformity + 37°C: 0,6
Uniformity + 50°C: 1,2
Accuracy + 37°C: 0,2
Heting Time: 30 min
Safety Class: 3,1
Supply: 230V 1~ 50Hz
Power: 1500 W
Doors: 1
Net Weight: 200 kg


Leverantör: Fratelli Galli G&P

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