Hypoxic Glove Box IH Polymer 2 Person w/Auto Purge

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Hypoxic Glove Box IH Polymer

For intermittent hypoxic cell culture
Auto Purge Airlock
Auto Dehumidifier
Foot print LxDxH: 1800x660x870 mm

The following accessory items are included in the pricing of all polymer
Hypoxic Glove Boxes:
Oxygen Control System -(includes sensor)
Purge airlock (right side placement standard)
Gloveless sleeves and arm port plugs
Internal adjustable shelves
Circulation fan (heated or unheated)
Electrical plug strip
Large side door (left side placement standard)
CO2 Control System
High Accuracy Calibration System
Humidified Incubation Box

Accessories andd options, eg:
BDEV14 – O2 Controller for Intermittent Hypoxia, Controls O2 for intermittent hypoxia (IH) experiments, intermittent normoxia control experiments and chronic hypoxia
BDEV15 – Heat Exchanger, Intermittent Hypoxia System, used simultaneously with O2 (or O2 mixture) and background gas. Has bidirectional air flow. To be used with 24-well or 96-well Coy/Zell Gas Permeable Plates
BDEV12 – Pressure Stabilizer for N2 or N2/CO2 mixture, Range includes: 1-125 SCFH and 5-50 psi
BDEV11 – Pressure Stabilizer for O2 or CO2 gas mixture, Range includes: 1-125 SCFH and 5-50 psi
SPEC020 – Special Polymer Glove Box, Modified Glove Box for use with IH Cabinet System includes increased sizing
8513025 – Feed-Thru Adapter Assembly, Customer to specify location when ordering
(Coy manufacturing: See drawing)
SPEC020 – Special Polymer Glove Box, Removable Front Panel
8537220 – Atmosphere Filtration System, HEPA, Recirculating 220V
8000018 – UV Light Hood 220V, includes Fluorescent Light For Polymer Glove Boxes only