Handskbox 1Adry 3 portar med 2 förkammare

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Glove box Anaerobic Chemistry

– 1 House made of SUS304 stainless steel, acid resistant, 3 mm thickness

Chamber Dimension: 1500 mm (L)× 760 mm (W)×900 mm (H)
– 1 Large antechamber made of SUS304 stainless steel, acid resistant, 3 mm thickness
– Large antechamber dimension: dia 385 mm x 600 length
– 1 Mini antechamber made of SUS304 stainless steel, acid resistant,3 mm thickness

Mini antechamber dimension: dia 114 mm x 300 length
– 1 Sight safety toughed glass window with 3 glove ports
– 1.5 pairs of gloves made of Butyl, USA North brand
– 1 Lighting system
– 3 Pieces of stainless shelves for storage in the cabinet
– 1 Set of glove box cabinet with roller for stand
– 1 Electrical feed through 220v (adjustable)
– 0.3µm gas inlet and outlet dust filter
– 2 Feedthroughs, one for electricity supply, another one for gas supply
– 4 Spare KF40 connectors on main chamber, suitable for the installation of feedthroughs for later modifications to the box
– 1 Vertical cooling system/cooling tube allowing for external cooling by e.g. liquid nitrogen

Main Chamber Temperature Control
-1 Air conditioner for control the main chamber app. 15°C

Gas Purification System
For GP-1 Single column
– Includes 1 regeneration Purification columns: made of Germany BASF R3-11 cooper catalyst. Automated regeneration process & automated O2 removal
– SIEMENS PLC control system with 7” touch screen display
– DAGANG fan
– BALDOR solenoid valve
– 1 Set of SETRA pressure sensor
– 1 Set of control panel
– 1 Set of foot controller
– Attainable purity of O2 =1ppm

– 1 Vacuum pump 4L/S, with Oil mist filter, Japan ULVAC brand

O2 Sensor
– America AII, 0~1000 ppm with an accuracy of 0.1 ppm

H2O Display
– 1% RH~ Ambient humidity, with an accuracy of 1%

– Temperature: 1~5 degrees Celsius, capacity: 40L, Stainless steel 304.

3 shelves, 5 changeable compartment.
– On the left side of glove box


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