Gasrenare SMS Scrubber

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Kjeldahl Digestion Units

The SMS Scrubber is designed to neutralize corrosive and toxic fumes produced during oxidative mineralizations or similar processes.
The configuration is based on tree stages:

– condensation
– neutralization
– Absorption with activated carbon (optional)

The instrument can be supplied with a third (optional) stage, generally used with samples that generate high amounts of fumes during digestion (e.g. soybean).

The unit has a broad range of applications, from the Kjeldahl method to neutralization with acids and bases. Thanks to the elevated surface of contact between gas and liquid, the SMS provides effective cleaning of the fumes, preventing their hazardous emission into the laboratory and environment.
The unit attains its maximum effectiveness when combined with the JP Recirculating Water Pump.

* Highly efficient neutralization, due to the optimized gas-liquid contact
* Ideal for both bacis and acid neutralization
* Safe and practical to use
* Simple disposal of condensates
* Simple control and replacement of neutralizing solution

* Pack of 10 refill of activated carbon.
* Filter for activated carbon.
(not included)