Frysskåp ECO MIDI F 60 LAG 4N vit, hylla grå

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Refrigerator ECO MIDI F 60 LAG 4N

MIDI is a fridge and freezer of high quality with purchase and run. The series consists of refrigerators and freezers in two widths. MIDI 425 offers maximum storage space but takes up limited space thanks to the external width of only 60 cm. MIDI 625 cabinet is 81.5 cm wide and is suitable for the wide 2/1 GN system where two pieces. 1/1 GN containers can be placed side by side on a shelf. Height is fully utilized, and there is easy access to stored items as the storage compartment is raised 37 cm above the floor.

Features: Right hand hinged reversible door, lock, self-closing door, lighting, 4 gray shelves.

Acoustic door alarm if the door remains open for more than 5 minutes.

Temperature range: -25 / -5 ° C
Volume, Gross / Net: 425 l / 388 l
Outside / Inside: White painted / Stainless, alu.
W x D x H: 600 x 731 x 2000 mm
Weight, gross: 117 kg
Insulation: 60 mm (polyurethane)
Refrigerant: R 290 (propane)
Refrigeration capacity. -25 ° C: 374 Watt
C Cooling: Cooling demand v. -25 ° C: 250 Watt
Electrical connection: 230 V, 50 Hz
Anslutningseffekt: 331 Watt
Energital enl. www.Goenergi,dk 39,73 kWh/48h/m3
Energiförbrukning pr. år: 2183 kWh
Ljudnivå: 46,3 dB(A)