Dispenser micro Piccolo 1 Fast 500 ul

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Dispenser micro  Piccolo 1 Fast  500 ul

For dosing of tiny quantity of liquids in all areas of biochemistry and medical research.

With the VITLAB® piccolo you can dispense the smallest quantities directly from the bottle – a big help, particularly for serial dispensing operations. This approach can even reduce costs since disposable tips are not necessary.

The egonomic design makes dispensing simple and uncomplicated. The VITLAB® piccolo can be used with just one hand. Use the thumb (just like pipetting) to depress the volume dispensing button. The spring-loaded piston refills the micro-dispenser automatically after dispensing.

The discharge tube can be rotated 360° so the dispenser can always be used with the label visible for safety.

In order to garantee high levels of resistance to chemicals and a broad range of applications, only high-quality materials, such as PTFE, PFA, ETFE, FEP, borosilicate glass and platinum-iridium, come in contact with the media.

Volume µl: 500

Accuracy?±: 1,5

Coefficient of variation?: 0,3