Diatermiapparat ES120 3-pin monopolär/2-pin bipolär

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Electrosurgical unit ES120

Electrosurgical device
ES 120 is an electrosurgical unit which uses high-frequency current flow for cutting and coagulating skin lesions.

Versatility of application
The unit allows to perform procedures in monopolar and bipolar modes. It excels in small surgical, gynecological, stomatological field and many others.

Automatic power regulation
The device features fully automatic adjustment of power output based on real-time monitoring of working parameters. Desired effect on tissue is repeatedly consistent in every working conditions.

Small size and aesthetic design of ES 120 along with its reliability and easy to use features ensure the highest comfort of work.

Start-up AutoTest of generator and plugged-in accessories as well as NEM system ensures maximum safety both for an operator and a patient.

Output configuration
ES 120 is equipped with standard 3-pin monopolar and 2-pin bipolar outputs. The unit is also available with two SDS outputs.

Areas of applications:
• minor general surgery procedures (at outpatient clinics)
• dermatological procedures
• gynecological procedures
• plastic and aesthetic surgery prodecures
• dental surgery procedures

Advantages of ES 120:
• small size and aesthetic design
• efficiency
• low operating costs

Protection against electric shock:
Monopolar and bipolar modes
Class: I
Grade: CF
Recognition of the footswitch:
Low-frequency leakage currents in accordance with EN 60601-1
High-frequency leakage currents in accordance with EN 60601-2-2
Generator operation frequency: 333 [kHz]
Separate bipolar panel:
Defibrillation pulse proof in accordance with EN 60601-1
NEM System: neutral electrode monitoring

Automatic power regulation:
AUTOTEST: automatic test of the unit and accessories after power supply is connected display of service codes
OVERLOAD: overload protection.

Pure monopolar cutting: 120 [W] for 300 [Ω]
Blend monopolar cutting: 120 [W] for 300 [Ω]

Soft monopolar coagulation: 120 [W] for 50 [Ω]
Forced monopolar coagulation: 120 [W] for 300 [Ω]
Bipolar coagulation: 120 [W] for 50 [Ω]

Length: 330 mm
Width: 285 mm
Height: 105 mm
Weight: 3,5 kg

Supply voltage: 220-240 [V] +/- 10% 50/60 [Hz] or 110-120 [V] +/- 10% 50/60 [Hz]
Rated power input: 480 VA

Delivery contains: HF-Generator, Mains Cable and User Manual
Monopolar work, Bipolar work, Automatic power regulation , (Spectrum Result) SDS System (SmartDeviceSystem) automatic recognition of connected instrument, NEM System, Overload Protection, Footswitch recognition
Available also in SDS version