Autoklav Classic 43 liter front

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Benchtop autoclave

Classic – The ‘Classic’ version is the simplest type of autoclave in Astell’s range. Water is poured directly into the chamber of the autoclave by the user and the colour touch screen advises when the water is at the correct level.

During the cycle at the freesteaming stage, a small amount of condensate is generated which leaves the autoclave by a flexible hose located at the back of the unit. The flexible hose should then be placed into a drain or a heat resistant condensate collection bottle (available separately as an additional option). At the end of each cycle the user is then prompted by the touch screen display to top up the water level to the correct level before starting another cycle.

Format: Front loading
Capacity: 43 l
Temperature range: 100-138°C
Pressure range: 0.2-2.4 bar

Water requirements: Tap/softened water with <50ppm TDS; pH neutral. Manual fill.
Drainage requirements: A condensate bottle (Ref: AAN308) or a similar heat resistant receptacle is required.
Air requirements: Not applicable
Vent/safety valve: No drain connection required.

Chamber diameter: 346 mm
Chamber depth: 465 mm
Chamber usable depth: 403 mm
Required bench depth: 670 mm

Cooling locks: In accordance with H.S.E. PM73 preventing opening of the autoclave above 80ºC. (forfluid & discard cycles)
Alarms: For Cycle Fault – Cycle Interruption – Sterilize Failure – Water Low – Door Unlocked

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