Autoklav C3 Advance 22 liter klass B 134°C

Autoklav C3 Advance 22 liter klass B 134°C

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Autoclave C3 Advance

The C3 Advance has a much bigger capacity than its main competitors and yet has one of the smallest footprints on the market. This means it can take 6 full dental trays or 12 half size clip trays, giving you a faster throughput of instruments and therefore improving efficiency and reducing costs, whilst taking up much less valuable space.
With our own specially-designed clip trays, instruments can be transferred seamlessly from the UltraClean II washer disinfector directly into the C3 Advance – eliminating sharps injuries and instrument damage.
Vacuum models are fully compliant to HTM 01-05 best practice guidelines
Available with either 16 or 22 litres capacity chamber
Features a single use water system
Quiet, touch button operation and wide choice of cycles
Can be used with either a data logger or printer
All C3 Advance 22L models come complete with: 3 x pouch trays and 3 x deep drawn trays

Sterilization Type N Non-Vacuum
Sterilizing time (mins) 3.5
Min sterilizing temperature (°C) 134

Chamber capacity (litres) 22
Max instrument length (mm) 420
Width (mm) 480
Height (mm) 410
Max net weight (kg) 37
Chamber diameter (mm) 250
Chamber length (mm) 430
Max load weight Kg:
Solid unwrapped 6
Wrapped –
Porous –
Operating pressure (bar) 2.05