Aspirering vacuum system 2 liter, 4 l/ min

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Aspiration system AZ 02

The complete systems AZ are ready for use immediately.The small and silent membrane vacuum pump perfectly is adapted to the task, is sucking small quantities of liquid sufficiently fast and leaves the solids untouched when correctly handled.

More components
*The bottle with 2 or 4 litre content (depending on execution) is easy to handle.
*It consists of thick-walled, sturdy propylene and is autoclavable.
*The wide-necked screw cap has 2 fast locks which automatically close when the hose connections are loosened to the suction or vacuum side.
*The filled bottle thus is firmly closed and can be transported for disposal without danger.
*A ventilation element gives the necessary pressure equalization when autoclaving.
*A safety filter between collection bottle and the vacuum pump protects the pump and the surrounding.
*3 m of silicone tubing make it possible that the collection bottle and the vacuum pump can be placed outside the Laminar Flow and thus do not diminsh the working area.
*A hose holder for attachment to Laminar Flow serves for comfortable handling. Thus the hose cannot slip away from the working place.

Handle AH 01 can be used also for the sytems AZ to connect the different suction devices; with handle AM 01 the flow quantity can be controlled.
The AZ is perfectly suitable when liquids at swimming cells shall be sucked.

Vacuum pump
Suction capacity: 4 l / min (air)
Final vacuum: 250 mbar abs.
Material of pump head: Aluminium
Material of membrane: Viton

Dimensions (W x L x D): 85 x 165 x 65 mm
Weight (without accessories): 4,5 kg
Electric supply: 230 V, 50 Hz