Lampa kirurg Mach LED 300DF tak<2.80m 130.000LUX

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Mach LED 300DF (focusable)

Light quality and optics
Superiour colour rendition
With colour rendering indexes Ra = 95 and R9 (red) = 90 the surgeon recognizes clearly the tiniest nuances of colour in tissue.
For recognizing the exact colour spectrum of the wound the exact rendition of the red colour range is essential.
R9 (red) = 90 means for the surgeon a visibly better recognition of details.
The colour spectrum of the wound is rendered naturally with rich contrast.
The OT-light clearly provides welcome relief for your eyes.

Facetted multi-lens system
A multitude of computer-calculated facetted lenses guarantees homogeneity and lowest shadiness in the light field.
Separately arranged optical systems, with one LED module, generate their own light field, which increases the contrast effect of the OT-light.
Light intensities of 160.000 and 130.000 Lux can be attained without difficulty.

Merging of the individual luminous fields
By turning of the sterilizable handle the three LED-clusters swivel.
The single light fields are joined and overlap to one field with increased light intensity.

By turning of the adjustment ring at the sterilizable handle the bulbs are moved inside the reflector up and down.
The focussable light beam allows a punctual illumination of deepest wound channels with hight intensity and an exact matching of the light field diameter with the size of the wound field.

Additional comfort
Cool light
The LED technology is much more effective than conventional light sources such as halogen bulbs.
The heat radiation is reduced to a minimum without using any expensive filter technique.
The temperature increase in the surgeon’s head area is almost nonexistent.

Flow properties
During development high attention was paid to the performance of the new LED OT-lights in laminar-flow ceiling systems.

Easy maintenance
With only a few steps the lamp housings can be opened to have access to all system components.
Due to the module technology all components can be easily exchanged.
Within 30 seconds you exchange the bulb. The housings are easy to clean.

Housing of die-casted aluminium
The material guarantees shock resistance and long life.

Technical data
Light intensity Lux at 1 meter distance: 130.000
Colour rendering index Ra: 95
Colour temperature (Kelvin): 4500
Dimming range (%): 50-100
Number of LED’s: 36
Focusable size of the light field (in cm): 14-28
Total power consumption (W) :58
Life-span of the LED’s (h): = 40.000
Working distance (in cm): 70-140
Height adjustment (in cm): 118

With central spring arm for fixation height below 2,60 m

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