InVivo Kabinett för O2 Kontroll, Modell 15

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Oxygen Control Cabinet for Animal Studies In-Vivo Cabinet (Hypoxic, Normoxic, Hyperoxic)

Perform short-term experiments, initial feasibility tests, multi-level oxygen studies and dynamic oxygen cycling experiments

The Coy O2 Control Cabinet System is the only system of its type that is a hermetically sealed container and allows continuous control of oxygen. The Coy system results in less gas consumption (lower operating cost) and more reproducible oxygen results when compared to tri-gas incubators and other cabinet systems.

Hypoxic, Normoxic, Hyperoxic, Intermittent Hypoxia.

The Coy O2 Control Cabinet System allows you to incubate samples (animal or tissue culture) quickly and conveniently at reduced or elevated O2 levels.

The system offers the ability to change the O2 levels between multiple setpoints in increments of 0.1%. The microprocessor controls gas purges based on the sensor reading and user-adjustable setpoint. Depending on the application, you will need to supply one or all of the following gases: nitrogen, nitrogen with CO2 mix, and O2.

The cabinet’s hermetic seal ensures that even with the controller(s) detached, you can maintain preset O2 levels depending on experimental conditions. This translates into less gas consumption compared to a semisealed cabinet.

381 W x 508 D x 508 H mm
Accessory items included
– Front Loading Door
– Circulation Fan
– O2 Sensor Port
– CO2 Sensor Port
– Pull out Shelves (number is dependent on size and style of unit)
– 220V


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