Gas Analyzer Monitor CAM-12

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Part #: 6250-000 for gas mixes containing ONLY H2, N2 and/or <20% CO2

The CAM-12 is the only analyzer that offers both O2 (ppm) and H2 (%) monitoring in one unit for the same price as most conventional Oxygen monitors. It provides a constant digital display of both levels in your anaerobic chamber utilizing H2 and palladium catalyst for O2 control. The CAM-12 is a significant upgrade from the previous COY Gas Analyzer, using the same patented technology.
User Replaceable Sensors (no down time)
H2 sensor that can compensate for various CO2 levels
Adjustable visible and audible alarms
O2 Sensor Unaffected by changes in CO2
NO routine maintenance procedures
Accuracy not user dependent
Adjustable Alarms
The high O2 alarm is adjustable through the full scale of the sensor allowing monitoring to be set to match organism requirements. H2 alarms for both low H2 and high H2 can be set to trigger before reaching undesirable levels for safety and function. Too little H2 will affect the ability to maintain low O2 and high H2 levels are potentially dangerous.

User Replaceable Sensors
Access through the rear panel allows easy and quick sensor swap for recalibration or replacement in the anaerobic chamber without down time. Sensor calibration data is kept on the sensors so a fast down load of new sensor data to the CAM-12 is all it takes to get accurate measurements.

CO2 Compensation
The CAM-12 O2 sensor, is unaffected by CO2 or changes in CO2 levels. The H2 sensor may be affected by CO2; however, the user can input the background CO2 level up to 20% so that the appropriate offset can be applied to allow for accurate H2 measurement. For CO2 levels greater than 20%, a CAM-12S with factory-set specific CO2 level compensation is available. Multiple H2 sensors can be provided with the CAM-12S for multiple specific CO2 levels enabling sensor swapping in the anaerobic chamber as needed.

* If you are using a gas mix containing anything EXCEPT H2, N2 and/or <20% CO2, consult Coy Laboratory Products, as this is outside of the standard CAM-12 range; however, a CAM-12S may be appropriate for your application. The CAM-12S is calibrated for use with gas mixes containing argon and/or >20% CO2 (the CO2 compensation function is potentially inaccurate or nonfunctional depending upon the gas mix).

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